Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hitting the Ground Running

So, I guess this is the first post of the DreamLogic Theatreworks blog. The plan is to use this space as a way to keep our loyal fans and partners "in the loop" about the goings on of the company.
So far, we've been doing a lot of planning. Our biggest news right now is that we just dropped our articles of incorporation as a non-profit to the Secretary of State's office.

I can't get into too many details about the season we have lined up for the Fall, but I can say that we will be juxtaposing two works from an Elizabethan playwrite with a penchant for soliloquy in some ways that might surprise you.

Too cryptic for you? We'll be unveiling our season, complete with advanced marketing materials, at a gala in Logan Square on the evening of May 8th. If you'd like to be one of the first to get an official invitation, or if you're just looking for more information about DreamLogic, drop an email to

Dave Sweeney
(Design Guy)

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