Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cast Interviews

Charles Askenaizer

Rachel Bonacquisti

Paul Chakrin

Lane Flores

Quinn Gasaway


John Highberger

Colin Jackson

Tyler Pistorious

J. Preddie Predmore

Lauren Ramsey

Jack Sharkey

Saturday, September 10, 2011

in a tea cup

Daddy's very busy. He doesn't want to be disturbed. Don't knock on his door.

Go play.

But there's no one to play with.

You're on an island.


That girl from down the street is here.

She tells you she's a fairy.

why not?

Why not play with the creepy boy next door...

He’s always hanging around.

Everyone says he's a monster.

But you don't care.

You play a game. A fun new game.

Then the grown-ups yell at you.

They tell you to be quiet.

All they want to talk about is business.

Money. Power. Revenge.

They tell you to “act your age.”

What does that even mean?

They want you to act their age.

To hell with the adults.

Let's make a big storm and shipwreck them.

Let’s make them take a break.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


DreamLogic Theatreworks would like to thank all of the incredible performers who joined us for THE TEMPEST auditions.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Post Your Comments About A Clockwork Orange

Our audiences have expressed such strong reactions about DreamLogic's A Clockwork Orange that we wanted to create a place they could share those reactions with the world. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cast Interviews Round 2

Brandon Ward

Mikey Renan

Paul Chakrin

Max Jenkins

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Interview With the Minister of the Interior and the Governor

The Minister of the Interior and the Governor shared their candid thoughts about the Ludovico Technique in a recent interview:

Interview With Doctor Brodsky

In a recent interview, Dr. Brodsky took time out of his busy schedule to explain the Ludovico Technique:

Monday, June 6, 2011

DreamLogic Cast Interviews

Enjoy our first round of cast and crew interviews for A Clockwork Orange:

Tyler Pistorious

Scott McKinsey

Quinn Gasaway

Patricia Lomden

Meg Elliot

Dave Sweeney

Chad Duda

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real Horrorshow

What kind of person would watch a live production of A Clockwork Orange?

It isn't safe like watching a movie. There is no pause button, no off switch, no blanket to pull up over your eyes. You can't fast-forward through the horrorshow. You have to enter the horrorshow. Once you're in, you're in.

What kind of person would want to immerse themselves in A Clockwork Orange?

There's no curtain, there's no stage. No boundaries. 90 minutes trapped in the world of Alex DeLarge and his Droogs, breathing the same air, seeing their crimes as vividly as they do. You don't get to hide.

A Clockwork Orange isn't for everyone. We're okay with that. Some people want to push their own boundaries and some don't. You'll experience all the horrors of the modern world, explore the machine we live in that tries to take away our humanity. You'll stare things in the face other people choose to ignore.

What kind of person would enjoy A Clockwork Orange?

This production is for people who want to look past the boundaries of clean, quiet Midwestern living for an evening and stare into the strange, dark, unapologetic corners of reality. This is for people who want to enter the nightmare, live the worst-case scenario and see who they really are.

What kind of person are you?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

DreamLogic Workshop

The DreamLogic Workshop is an intensive four week program in truthful acting and establishing stakes in scene work. This workshop, taught by DreamLogic Artistic Director Scott McKinsey, is a high-energy and focused exploration of veracity in performance that will be helpful for actors of all experience levels.
All classes will be held at the North Lakeside Cultural Center in historic Berger Park, the venue for DreamLogic’s groundbreaking HAMLET. Classes will be held every Saturday from May 28th to June 18th at 12 PM. Class fees are $100 for the entire course of 4 classes.
To be considered for this course, please submit a theatrical resume to If you do not have a theatrical resume, please include a brief statement of your experience and interest in theatre.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


DreamLogic Theatreworks is holding principal auditions for A Clockwork Orange. Auditions will be held on Sunday, April 3 in northern Chicago, and will exclusively involve cold-reading from the play. To secure an audition appointment, please submit headshots and resumes to Please indicate which role(s) you would like to be considered for. A principal breakdown follows:

Alex: Male 18-20s (must be passable as a teenager) – Charismatic, violent, intelligent and anarchic.

Dr. Brodsky: Male 30s-50s – Leading proponent of the Ludovico Technique. A frighteningly pragmatic man with no faith in humanity.

Dr. Branom: Female 20s-30s – Assistant to Dr. Brodsky. A compassionate woman who does not truly believe in the work she is doing.

Mr. Deltoid: Male 30s-40s – Alex's probation officer. A cynical public servant whose goodwill has been eaten up by callow teenagers.

Chaplain: Male 30s-40 – A man of God who ministers to violent criminals. Has turned to the bottle to cope with the degradation of the world around him.

F. Alexander: Male 40s – A political writer, obsessed with social justice.

Dim: Male 18-20s (passable as teen) – Big, powerful, savage and stupid.

Pete: Male 18-20s (passable as teen) – A sycophant who will cozy up to anyone in charge.

Georgie: Male 18-20s (passable as teen) – An ambitious and ruthless backstabber.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HAMLET: Final Performances this Weekend

There are only two performances left of DreamLogic Theatreworks' HAMLET. Tickets are still available, but space is limited. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

HAMLET Extended

There are no tickets available for DreamLogic's HAMLET this weekend; however, there are still tickets available for next weekend, March 4 and 5.

HAMLET has been extended through the weekend of March 11 and 12.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This weekend's performances are dedicated to the memory of the Shakespeare enthusiasts who have inspired our cast and crew:

Peter Gray
Joseph Groesbeck
Peter Henrichs
Sue Ann Wilkinson

And many more.

Friday, February 11, 2011


This weekend's performances of HAMLET are dedicated to the memories of those who lost their lives in the Northern Illinois Shootings, Feb 14th, 2008.

The following is an essay written by Managing Director David Sweeney (NIU Class of '07) in the wake of the shootings.

I've spent the last 24 or so hours trying to make sense of the NIU shooting. For four years I lived and studied in Dekalb, IL. It was my home and also the incubator in which I reached my adulthood. I will never be able to seperate my identity from Northern, nor would I ever want to.
I feel like a member of my family has been attacked, like my childhood home has been razed to the ground, like a stranger spit upon me for reasons I will never understand. His attack was in a building that belongs to no particular major or program. Cole Hall is a lecture hall for Humanity and General Education courses. It is literally the place where the University teaches students how to be better human beings. The stage from which he attacked is one I've acted upon, it's also the stage where a matronly and beautiful woman taught me the history and mythology of the ancient world.
It will be impossible to see Northern, and thus myself, through a lens that isn't smeared with this senseless violence. NIU was originally founded to teach the art of teaching. Over its long history it has become a beacon for country kids from tiny schools and urban teens in over-crowded classrooms: a beacon of the light of learning. NIU is the place where we learned that the world is bigger than we ever could have imagined. I love my school like one loves an eccentric Uncle who slips a little bourbon into your iced tea when you're in High School, like an indulgent Grandparent who's wisdom isn't fully understood until you enter adulthood.
The alumni network was in full force last night. We called each-other and soothed our aching psyches long distance. I know that the way I feel is shared by many intelligent and caring people.
Dave Sweeney Class of '07

Friday, February 4, 2011

DreamLogic's HAMLET

DreamLogic Theatreworks Presents


February 11th-March 5th
Gunder Mansion, Home of the North Lakeside Cultural Center
Friday and Saturday Evenings

House Opens 7:30 - Curtain at 8:00

All Shows Feature an Open Bar

Monday, January 24, 2011


That's what you're thinking. I know—I thought the same thing. Sure, it's a “classic,” but what does that mean? A classic should be timeless, not just old. It should be completely relevant to your pain, your lust, your struggles and your joy—your life right now. A classic should electrify you, terrify you, break your heart, turn you on. It's about something huge and real and true.

That's what DreamLogic productions are all about.

So why HAMLET? Because it's got too good a reputation. Everyone teaches it, only the “best” theatre companies produce it, and everyone thinks they understand it.

Most of them don't. So they make HAMLET safe, polite and a marble bust in a museum. But that's an insult to the play and an insult to you. HAMLET is too great a story to be shot, stuffed and stuck up on a mantle. You deserve to feel the terrifying, exhilarating power of a true classic, told the way it should be told: as if for the first time. You deserve to be a part of the action, not sitting politely at a distance in a velvet seat. You deserve a life-changing experience when you enter this production of HAMLET. The moment you walk through those doors, that's exactly what you'll get.

I'll see you there.

Scott McKinsey
Artistic Director
DreamLogic Theatreworks

Saturday, January 8, 2011

DreamLogic Theatreworks Presents HAMLET in Historic Lakefront Mansion

Chicago, IL, January 8, 2011— DreamLogic Theatreworks follows their groundbreaking production of Titus Andronicus with Shakespeare's exhilarating tale of carnal, bloody and unnatural acts—HAMLET. HAMLET will celebrate its gala opening Friday, February 18 at the historic Gunder Mansion, home of the North Lakeside Cultural Center (6219 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL). Preview performances will be open to the public Friday and Saturday, February 11 and 12. The production will run February 18 – March 5.

“HAMLET isn't a mountain—you don't climb it just because it's there,” stated Scott McKinsey, Artistic Director of DreamLogic Theatreworks, “and it can't be a classic just because everyone says it is. This great work endures because it touches what is universal in our lives. It should be able to play in any place, any time, and any context and still resonate. The strength of this piece isn't in the petty squabbling of Danish royals, the strength lives in the place where you can see something of yourself in a character written more than 400 years ago: Then you have something worth talking about.”

“This is our Chicago HAMLET,” continues McKinsey. “It is set in a mansion designed by Myron H. Church, a celebrated architect closely connected with The Chicago World's Fair and Daniel Burnham, the father of modern Chicago. The Gunder Mansion represents the classic four-square design, a unique icon of Chicago architecture. It is also one of the mansions preserved in lakeside Berger Park, which is currently celebrating its first anniversary on the National Registry of Historic Places.”

HAMLET will continue DreamLogic's exploration of the promenade style of theatrical staging which allows for a full integration of the audience into the performance space. In a recent review, K. D. Hopkins of described Dreamlogic's use of promenade staging as “a wise choice that gives an almost enchanted value to the drama.” Hopkins went on to say that “The audience is more witness than mere voyeur being entertained for a few hours.”

HAMLET features Paul Chakrin, Meg Elliott, Rob Glidden, Nick Goodman, Sara Katherine Hammond, Brady Greer Huffman, Alexis Meuche, Mikey Renan, Jack Sharkey and Edwin Unger. Scott McKinsey is the Artistic Director of DreamLogic and director of HAMLET. Lauren Sweeney is DreamLogic’s Executive Designer and the designer for HAMLET. David Sweeney is Managing Director of DreamLogic Theatreworks and dramaturg for HAMLET. The production team also includes Stage Manager Rachel Bonacquisti and Violence Designer Edwin Unger. DreamLogic Theatreworks is a non-profit theatre company founded in 2009.

For ticketing and additional information, visit