Monday, January 24, 2011


That's what you're thinking. I know—I thought the same thing. Sure, it's a “classic,” but what does that mean? A classic should be timeless, not just old. It should be completely relevant to your pain, your lust, your struggles and your joy—your life right now. A classic should electrify you, terrify you, break your heart, turn you on. It's about something huge and real and true.

That's what DreamLogic productions are all about.

So why HAMLET? Because it's got too good a reputation. Everyone teaches it, only the “best” theatre companies produce it, and everyone thinks they understand it.

Most of them don't. So they make HAMLET safe, polite and a marble bust in a museum. But that's an insult to the play and an insult to you. HAMLET is too great a story to be shot, stuffed and stuck up on a mantle. You deserve to feel the terrifying, exhilarating power of a true classic, told the way it should be told: as if for the first time. You deserve to be a part of the action, not sitting politely at a distance in a velvet seat. You deserve a life-changing experience when you enter this production of HAMLET. The moment you walk through those doors, that's exactly what you'll get.

I'll see you there.

Scott McKinsey
Artistic Director
DreamLogic Theatreworks


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    Whether you believe in the Mayan prophecies of 2012 or if you just have a slight suspicion that the world is changing suddenly and FAST, many answers will be revealed in this production of Hamlet in the Gunder mansion built in 1901. As someone who has been able to step outside and act as an observer of life and see the amazingness of our world within the confines we build for ourselves, I was thrilled to learn that this production of Hamlet was all part of this spiritual evolution. There is a struggle within mankind to become our true selves and awaken to our true potential that we have always known to be our "natural" and "good" selves. This has been a major purpose since the beginning of our human time-line on this planet. In watching this play, I am overjoyed to see that we are moving towards this goal even as the world seems to provide the illusion that we are all doomed.Wars, fear, panic, decreases in respect and love for each other seems to mount daily, but in this play you will learn that behind every negative action in life is the positive re-enforcement that love or lack of love is what fuels these events. You will see the man is not an innate sinner, but instead a being who struggles to understand himself and does so by trial and error. There is nobody completely pure evil as you will see even with the antagonist Claudius's pleadings for deliverance of his internal pain. Only this production allows you to see the good and evil in every single being that continues to battle within causing the cause and effect moments in our lives. When you see Dream Logic's Hamlet, you will be taken out of your body and placed inside each character. Every pain, every smile that is theirs will be yours as well to share. It is a thrilling roller coaster ride full of mystery from the beyond, the battling of men, the lust and desire of love, the question of reality versus illusion. Those that step inside this mansion and enjoy what they see, are those who are ready to see the emotions that lurk under ever surface of the modern human face today and are willing to face the idea that we are not floundering spirits floating around in a material world, but that we are instead divine sparks of creation that are on a moving spiral upward of evolution towards release from our own pain and sufferings.

    "And let me speak to th' yet unknowing world how things come about. So shall you you hear of carnal, bloody, unnatural acts, of accidentals judgments, casual slaughters, of deaths put on by cunning and forced cause; and, in this upshot, purposes mistook fall'n on th' inventors' heads. All this I can truly deliver. " ~ Horatio's speech Final Act

    To go or not to go...are you ready to see your true selves...THAT is the question ;)

  3. Everything about the show was a magical, unique experience: It is especially fun that the bar serving expertly mixed drinks to the audience was also integrated into the play. The historical theoretical conceit that Shakespeare wrote for a slightly inebriated audience was well born out, the show never dragged at all, and casting a Gertrude slightly younger than Hamlet went a long way to focusing Hamlet's rage about her union with the elder Claudius. To list more wonderful things about the production would spoil it for people who are going to see it, and you will kick yourself if you have stumbled on this page and still miss this show.