Monday, January 24, 2011


That's what you're thinking. I know—I thought the same thing. Sure, it's a “classic,” but what does that mean? A classic should be timeless, not just old. It should be completely relevant to your pain, your lust, your struggles and your joy—your life right now. A classic should electrify you, terrify you, break your heart, turn you on. It's about something huge and real and true.

That's what DreamLogic productions are all about.

So why HAMLET? Because it's got too good a reputation. Everyone teaches it, only the “best” theatre companies produce it, and everyone thinks they understand it.

Most of them don't. So they make HAMLET safe, polite and a marble bust in a museum. But that's an insult to the play and an insult to you. HAMLET is too great a story to be shot, stuffed and stuck up on a mantle. You deserve to feel the terrifying, exhilarating power of a true classic, told the way it should be told: as if for the first time. You deserve to be a part of the action, not sitting politely at a distance in a velvet seat. You deserve a life-changing experience when you enter this production of HAMLET. The moment you walk through those doors, that's exactly what you'll get.

I'll see you there.

Scott McKinsey
Artistic Director
DreamLogic Theatreworks

Saturday, January 8, 2011

DreamLogic Theatreworks Presents HAMLET in Historic Lakefront Mansion

Chicago, IL, January 8, 2011— DreamLogic Theatreworks follows their groundbreaking production of Titus Andronicus with Shakespeare's exhilarating tale of carnal, bloody and unnatural acts—HAMLET. HAMLET will celebrate its gala opening Friday, February 18 at the historic Gunder Mansion, home of the North Lakeside Cultural Center (6219 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL). Preview performances will be open to the public Friday and Saturday, February 11 and 12. The production will run February 18 – March 5.

“HAMLET isn't a mountain—you don't climb it just because it's there,” stated Scott McKinsey, Artistic Director of DreamLogic Theatreworks, “and it can't be a classic just because everyone says it is. This great work endures because it touches what is universal in our lives. It should be able to play in any place, any time, and any context and still resonate. The strength of this piece isn't in the petty squabbling of Danish royals, the strength lives in the place where you can see something of yourself in a character written more than 400 years ago: Then you have something worth talking about.”

“This is our Chicago HAMLET,” continues McKinsey. “It is set in a mansion designed by Myron H. Church, a celebrated architect closely connected with The Chicago World's Fair and Daniel Burnham, the father of modern Chicago. The Gunder Mansion represents the classic four-square design, a unique icon of Chicago architecture. It is also one of the mansions preserved in lakeside Berger Park, which is currently celebrating its first anniversary on the National Registry of Historic Places.”

HAMLET will continue DreamLogic's exploration of the promenade style of theatrical staging which allows for a full integration of the audience into the performance space. In a recent review, K. D. Hopkins of described Dreamlogic's use of promenade staging as “a wise choice that gives an almost enchanted value to the drama.” Hopkins went on to say that “The audience is more witness than mere voyeur being entertained for a few hours.”

HAMLET features Paul Chakrin, Meg Elliott, Rob Glidden, Nick Goodman, Sara Katherine Hammond, Brady Greer Huffman, Alexis Meuche, Mikey Renan, Jack Sharkey and Edwin Unger. Scott McKinsey is the Artistic Director of DreamLogic and director of HAMLET. Lauren Sweeney is DreamLogic’s Executive Designer and the designer for HAMLET. David Sweeney is Managing Director of DreamLogic Theatreworks and dramaturg for HAMLET. The production team also includes Stage Manager Rachel Bonacquisti and Violence Designer Edwin Unger. DreamLogic Theatreworks is a non-profit theatre company founded in 2009.

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